At PurdyQ we are serving the kind of smoked meats and sides that I grew up enjoying and cooking for my own family in a new and exciting Food Truck Venue in Stillwater, Ok and the surrounding area. Over the years I have cooked for many gatherings and events and the most common feedback I received was “why are you not doing this for a living?” So, I have listened and after reconditioning an old tool truck into a state of the art commercial kitchen and smoke pit, I am now serving this same food to the public.

Growing up, I watched the men in my family turn ordinary pieces of meat into amazing culinary delights. Naturally, I developed a taste for good smoked meats and learned how to make what my grandfather and Dad did and make it better. I began building my own smoke pits while I was in the military to help me control the smoking process and ultimately make the meats taste better. Nothing pleases me more than to have someone take their first bite of something I have cooked and let out a moan of satisfaction.

So, I have taken the years of experience and my passion for this type of cooking and turned into this business. My desire is that every person who visits Purdyq enjoys a great meal and enjoys a unique dining experience.

"Charlotte" The BBQ Truck

PurdyQ Mobile

Food Trucks

This is one of the smokers I

have built. My biggest to date.

Our first truck, opened March 2013. We have paved the way in Stillwater for the mobile food venue with this truck. We serve what we proudly refer to as "Vulgar BBQ" off this truck. Basically, we take some great smoked meats and exploit it into some amazing BBQ dishes. We definitely have a unique BBQ flavor that also seems to be a little addictive.

Our Story

"Olaf" the Sweet Truck

Opened in the Spring of 2015. This truck served fresh Homemade Ice Cream, Homemade Italian Ice, snow cones and any number of different special treats. Unfortunately, my daughters have grown up and I now am having to sell this truck.